Kinderliedjes Halloween


Leuke kinderliedjes voor Halloween zoeken? Er zijn weinig Nederlandse Halloween liedjes, maar deze superleuke Engelstalige Halloween liedjes zullen de kinderen zeker waarderen!

Overzicht kinderliedjes Halloween:

1It’s Halloween

2One For You, One For Me

3It’s Halloween

4Too Spooky For Me

5Halloween Rules

6Who Took The Candy?

7Five Creepy Spiders

8The Skeleton Dance

9Knock Knock, Trick Or Treat?

10There’s A Scary Pumpkin

11Haunted House

12Halloween Tree

13Ghost Family

14A Haunted House on Halloween Night

15Five Little Pumpkins

16I’m a Crazy Witch by Howdytoons

17Rock A Bye Baby Nursery Rhyme

18Happy Halloween Song

19Witches on Halloween

20Halloween Song

21Zombie Teachers Everywhere

22Wheels on the Bus Halloween Song

23The Skeletons Dance Chumbala Cachumbala

24Spooky Monsters Hiding Under The Bed

25Hello Its Halloween Scary Nursery Rhymes

26Halloween Parade

27Halloween Nursery

28Halloween Night

29Jurassic Halloween

30Run Schoolies Run

31Happy Halloween Scary Nursery

32Spooky Spooky Halloween Dance Song

Kinderliedjes Halloween
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